1. Four out of five character illustrations have been inked! Only one more to go! I’m so excited to finish these and get them into Photoshop for color and type. YES!

  2. Good news, guys! After my Werecat Biker sold at the Versus Show last month, the curator contacted me to set up a limited print run on the show site! 

    Prints of the the Werecat will now be on sale till the end of this month! Each high-quality print is priced at $20, and each is sealed and boarded! There’s even a little extra surprise included in each print! So excitin’!


  3. ATTN artists/illustrators of North County San Diego (or really any part of San Diego, or anywhere in SoCal for that matter)!

    A SketchCrawl across Encinitas will be held this Saturday, April 19th. The SketchCrawl group will be meeting at Rhino Art Co. (my workplace!) at 10:30am and will draw their way up and down North Coast Highway 101 for the day. Think a bar crawl, but instead of a hangover the next day, you’ll have pages and pages of awesome artwork!

    For the duration of the day, I’ll have regular updates on the location of the SketchCrawl group, so if you show up in the afternoon (or what have you), you can stop by Rhino Art Co., and I’ll point you in the right direction.

    So. Awesome sketching posse meets at Rhino Art Co. (97 N. Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA) at 10:30am. Did I mention the super legit and tasty Coffeeshop across the street, Lofty Coffee Co? Yesss.

    For more info on the worldwide SketchCrawl: 


    Image © Sharon Belknap


  4. Oh man, I had a lot of coffee today and then I found this group and wow, inking music, hello.

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  5. schizostories replied to your post: Almost done with 3/5 character illustr…


    YES THANKS ME TOO. It’s part of a bigger project that is gonna be really obscure for now because idk really what’s gonna happen with it BUT I’M EXCITED NONETHELESS. I GET TO DESIGN CHARACTERS WITH BOOTS AND WEIRD HAIR. AUGH GAWD.

  6. Almost done with 3/5 character illustrations. Just wow okay I’m really enjoying inking. There’s so much experimentation and room for happy accidents, it’s actually pretty relaxing.

  7. Two more sketch previews of this FIVE PART (OMG!!) character illustration series that I’m doing. I just cannot stop drawing tonight. Tomorrow’s gonna be the super fun times inking day.

  8. I love boots, boots are the best. Boots boots boots.

  9. Guess who just finished watching Feelscape- I mean, Farscape?? The BDSM roosters (Scarrans to you n me) were definitely my favorite. I’m gonna miss this crazy show.

  10. opheliona:

    Posting art online

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