1. Puked out a huge-ass thumbnail tonight (right in the middle of working on paid commissions, of course, as always) which I really want to do something with later this week. I really just want to draw wolves and concerts, okay?

  2. I’ve been working on this super beachy Corvette commission for a little while, and it looks like I’m finally getting somewhere with it! Hooray for getting faster with heavy rendering! 


  3. teazombie:


    So I bought this magnificent print from Kelly right after I got my driver’s licence :) I also promised to her a pic of it hanging on my wall, so ta-da! Here it is… along with my state of the art tv >.>

    You should totally go buy your own print here at her store.

    teazombie I’m soooooo super stoked to see it up on your wall! I can’t believe my art is on a wall in someone’s house. Unreal! Thanks so much again for getting a print. It means so much to me. :)

  4. cannotunsee:

    Photographer Sandro Miller Recreates Classic Portraits Using Actor John Malkovich as his Model. 

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  5. artbook-s:


    Announcing S: a Supernatural Artbook—-an artbook in tribute to the CW show, featuring never-before-seen artworks from over 30 incredibly talented artists.



    As suggested by the title, the themes of the book will be words starting with the letter “S”. The three main…

    Guys guys! I did an illustration for this Supernatural-themed charity art book! I’m in there alongside, a LOT of extremely talented people (I mean, seriously talented), and PREORDERS are now open on their kickstarter page! WOO!


  6. cbjeebies - The sound of this made me think of music you’ve introduced me to in the past. Been slowly acquiring all these albums lately, they’re so good for falling asleep to

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  7. The wolves and dogs continue to dominate my sketchbook…


  8. armellin:

    abstradreams spn and other fandoms


    adroidaday =)

    akemiartstudio fantastic traditional artist! =)


    alicexz GO AND FOLLOW this illustrator


    amyzen a wonderful fanartist!



    Holy guacamole! I am loving this love! :3


  9. Anonymous said: What's your favourite piece of SPN fan art? (An original, not a photo manip).





    I am pretty friggin’ attached to this one by unbearable-bear for obvious reasons. 

    I think it would be easier to say who I like artist wise - euclase, petite-madame, artsyunderstudy, bluesilktie, adorabucky, prinzik, shieldofeden, brightfallenstars, lettiebobettie, kikistiel, octopifer, tsuki-nekota, linneart, superwholockthecomic, meindraws, pappcave, nile-kun and way more that I’m likely forgetting. 

    And I forgot - midget-banana, diminuelmycolour, kayaczek, stardustmote, beccj, quickreaver, blogofkellyjohnson, cheriiart, drawsshits, wifihunters, drownedintea, artcicles, and I’m probably still missing some…



  10. vilepanda replied to your post: Still chipping away at these two proje…

    What is the second picture of?

    It’s a bunch of thumbnails of wolves chasing moons and suns haha

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