1. cbjeebies - The sound of this made me think of music you’ve introduced me to in the past. Been slowly acquiring all these albums lately, they’re so good for falling asleep to

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  2. The wolves and dogs continue to dominate my sketchbook…


  3. armellin:

    abstradreams spn and other fandoms


    adroidaday =)

    akemiartstudio fantastic traditional artist! =)


    alicexz GO AND FOLLOW this illustrator


    amyzen a wonderful fanartist!



    Holy guacamole! I am loving this love! :3


  4. Anonymous said: What's your favourite piece of SPN fan art? (An original, not a photo manip).





    I am pretty friggin’ attached to this one by unbearable-bear for obvious reasons. 

    I think it would be easier to say who I like artist wise - euclase, petite-madame, artsyunderstudy, bluesilktie, adorabucky, prinzik, shieldofeden, brightfallenstars, lettiebobettie, kikistiel, octopifer, tsuki-nekota, linneart, superwholockthecomic, meindraws, pappcave, nile-kun and way more that I’m likely forgetting. 

    And I forgot - midget-banana, diminuelmycolour, kayaczek, stardustmote, beccj, quickreaver, blogofkellyjohnson, cheriiart, drawsshits, wifihunters, drownedintea, artcicles, and I’m probably still missing some…



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    What is the second picture of?

    It’s a bunch of thumbnails of wolves chasing moons and suns haha

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  6. Still chipping away at these two projects, which couldn’t be more different. In one corner, wolves. In the other, a Corvette.


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    Groovy cool! Love the eyes!

    Yes thank you!! Glowing eyes never get old.

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    I was gonna ask “HUNTER S. THOMPSON?” and then I saw, in fact, yes. Hunter S. Thompson.

    YES! If there is a combination of short shorts, firearms, and smoking, it will 100% be HST

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  9. Some various sketches from the last week, including some from a little trip I went on to the East Coast. The drawing never stops!

  10. Here’s a few previews for my part in an upcoming SUPERNATURAL ART BOOK!! I’m so excited for this, it’ll be filled with amazing artwork from a huge number of talented artists.

    This charity-fueled art book will be Kickstarted in early September, so keep an eye out! It should be something really special.